A complaint alleges that 13 people and entities misled guests into illegal, unsafe short-term rentals.
The guards allegedly ignored protocol, making visitors to the Manhattan Detention Complex strip down so they could be searched contraband.
"The Office of Special Enforcement understands what their goal is," Rosenthal said. "They weren't set up to pick off individual tenants."
Councilman Andy King's proposal would ban hoverboards from streets, but allow them on sidewalks.
Here's your explainer on why hoverboards are illegal in NYC.
"This is a two dollar high. This is really aimed at low income people, not generally young people. Middle aged or older men."
The condo, located at 27th Street and 3rd Avenue, offers all the luxuries of a two-bedroom apartment spread out amongst 22 human beings.
Despite the NYPD crackdowns on illegal fireworks, some intrepid NYers still find ways to put on backyard shows for their neighborhoods.
Check out some videos of illegal fireworks from Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx below, and everyone be grateful they still have their fingertips.
Albany is preventing poor New Yorkers from paying their outrageous rents.
DA Cy Vance said, "Poachers should not have a market in Manhattan."
Cops were way too busy last night to worry about illegal fireworks and sparklers—well, except for the family who set their house on fire with fireworks. Watch the videos below.
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