The Manhattan Planning Studio will feature a more pared down IKEA experience.
"I'll be in pain for the rest of my life. I'm disabled. It's been very emotional. I'm still in a lot of pain."
They've got kale!
IKEA will start serving the meatless balls in April.
You might as well make that rent money while...making something else.
We don't normally associate the Swedish domesticity warehouse with romance, but Shirley and Berkely Smith—who originally met at an IKEA in New Jersey over seven years ago—certainly do.
We've praised IKEA's oft-overlooked culinary delights before, but now's your chance to enjoy all the meatballs, gravlax and dollar ice cream your heart desires.
No! Not the meatballs!
A judge has ruled that the monkey must stay at the sanctuary until at least January. “How would you feel to see your child in a cage and be with him outside the cage?”
Monkey business for real.
It's too hot to do it in a car, and futons kill the mood, so it stands to reason that teenagers would take to the metal chaise lounges outside the Red Hook IKEA to copulate.
Ikea is set on infiltrating your lives a little more.
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