"I am the modern day Robin Hood, I am not stealing, I am serving the ones in need, I take from the rich and give to the poor."
You can snag a free short stack but be prepared for the charity sales pitch.
IHOP, tracked into the city from some long stretch of Midwestern highway like burs on mangy, MSG-scented cur, appears to be closing its West Village location.
IHOP has extended its greasy tentacles to the corner of Carmine and Varick Streets.
"Then it was smells, sometimes I smelled coffee, other people smelled bacon," an 86-year-old Union Square local said. "They installed this behemoth to combat it, but the noise from that has been much worse."
Sweet, a new place to drown pancakes in gelatinous corn syrup mislabeled "maple" is opening in the West Village!
The East Village's long, bacon-scented nightmare is finally sort of over.
The West Village IHOP will be the city's third location, with another outpost in Harlem and a super bacon-scenty spot in the East Village.
The scent of bacon that has been driving neighbors of the East Village IHOP to distraction may not be long for this world.
Have you been laying awake at night wondering if the smell of bacon was still torturing the East Village residents living off the restaurant's newish 14th Street location? Might want to try some Ambien.
For many the day before Lent is Pancake Day. But here in America for some reason we celebrate our pancake day the week after. How to better to honor National Pancake Day than IHOP?
The IHOP in East Harlem which opened last week includes the chain’s first 24-hour takeout window. “People in Harlem don’t sleep,” explained Corey Lawrence, franchise owner of the pancakery.
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