Iggy pop

We caught up with the famed nightlife photographer to talk about the changing city, the summer of 1977, and the best photo he ever took.
"When I found out it was Iggy Pop I kind of freaked out."
Even at 68 years old, Iggy Pop still reigns as the wildest show in rock.
Iggy Pop's bird-filled Christmas, the dark origins of Festivus, and more end-of-day links.
Iggy the tour guide says: "There's a guy here who took a Swiss girl, and made her in to soup... he used to go to that church" on 9th Street.
Godfathers of Punk, they're just like us!
Photo on right via Jim Kiernan There's a new action figure
Being interviewed at the airport Maybe Lindsay Lohan really is a
Iggy Pop, the 62-year-old Stooges' frontman known for his youthful onstage
Click through for a look at Animal Collective at the Guggenheim; The
Photo by Robert Kreizel After the John Varvatos boutique officially opened
AP Photo/Jason DeCrow Oh, to be a confused, sweaty fly on
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