Tailgating the lousy cyclist in his way.
Read: from de Blasio.
"Two and a half ounces of marijuana per month, that's about 150 joints, could be as many as 200 joints per month. You know, we're talking about a lot of marijuana distributed to individuals."
Tom Perkins is a venture capitalist who wrote a letter to the WSJ comparing criticism of the 1% to the Nazi persecution of the Jews during the Holocaust.
Hillary Clinton is old and aren't we tired of old, uh, women, running this country?
Here's a transcript of how the magic happened.
HBO will spend tens of thousands of dollars to erase Bush's head, but it's cheaper than hiring time traveling assassins to go back to 2008 and murder Will Ferrell before HBO aired You're Welcome America.
People who are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars are now engaged in a Twitter fight about dog meat eaten in Indonesia in the 1960s.
Americans came together to spend $11.4 billion on Black Friday, a 6.6% increase and the largest amount ever.
(nrbelex). As if the trains didn't have enough trouble, last night
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