Identity theft

Prosecutors allege that the waitress stole almost half a million dollars from an elderly customer over four years.
Two Rolex watches, totaling about $19,000, were purchased on her credit line.
He allegedly conned at least 15 women out of more than $360,000.
They racked up over $2 million in fraud using the stolen identities of more than 40 people.
Prosecutors say the fraudsters would pose as a broker and the rightful owner.
A married couple allegedly bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of duds from luxury retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue using information stolen from patients at a Manhattan hospital.
He allegedly rented the car with a fake ID and credit card, then kept it.
The ringleader gave associates a pre-approved list of brands, like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Gucci.
The suspects have all been charged with grand larceny and identify theft.
Several employees at the cafe's midtown location were caught allegedly skimming the credit card numbers of customers.
Brandon Ashraf is accused of impersonating Matthew A. Pucino, a Green Beret who was killed in Afghanistan when he was 34.
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