Democrats' win at the state level may be large enough to ensure that New York will tackle a series of long-delayed reforms that have stymied the progressive movement for decades.
State Senator Tony Avella’s chances of winning are exceedingly slim, though not impossible.
Governor Cuomo is ready, once again, to divide and conquer the State Senate.
In 2019, the state’s rent laws will once again be up for renewal. And real estate lobbyists sound worried.
'I haven't seen anything like it.'
'I’m a little bit in disbelief,' said Susan Kang, the founder of the fundraising group No IDC. 'This was my dream. I didnt think this was going to happen.'
'We need to show we're taking money out of politics, that we're building a people-powered movement, and sending a strong message that if we do the work we can make change possible.'
Senator Alcantara is running a tight primary race against Robert Jackson, who lost to her in 2016 by less than 600 votes.
The cash comes as the former IDC members are facing tough primary challenges.
With pressure building on the governor to unify Senate Democrats and regain control over the chamber, a top aide to the governor is now blaming the stalemate on mainline Democrat Senator Michael Gianaris.
Governor Cuomo summoned lawmakers back to Albany for a special session this week after they failed to extend mayoral control during the regular session.
The charter school industry is backed by megarich donors who have poured millions into New York state politics.
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