A woman's iPhone 6 was taken while she was on an A train.
The cops say the suspects are linked to two other incidents.
It happened on North 5th Street.
It happened yesterday morning!
That's some real teamwork!
A witness told police that minutes before the assault, the two thieves were sitting with a group of men on a bench near the spot of the attack.
Maybe don't use your iPad on the subway?
It happened on a 7 train.
They have pulled this switcheroo four times.
Felony crimes have gone down about 6 percent on the subway after a three-year rise in crime.
Police are on the lookout for a bag thief in the West Village.
"He took my phone after the first or second punch, grabbed it from my hand, but he just proceeded to beat my face with all of his might, aiming punches like a boxer."
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