The budget airline's unexpected closing has left employees without jobs and travelers sans flights.
I had zero things planned out for Reykjavík when I landed at Keflavík International.
Only Bjork can reduce an audience to tears at an hour most New Yorkers reserve for brunch.
Click through to find out what kinds of porn your fellow New Yorkers prefer without needing to take a terrifying peek into their browser history.
Video has emerged of the aftermath of the drunken outburst, which shows Icelandair crew and passengers tying up duty free liquor enthusiast Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson. Warning: there is a lot of feeble moaning ahead.
"Gudmundur likes to drink, but his behavior has the family scratching their heads," one relative said. "He isn't a violent person. This was not normal behavior for him. I hope he is OK."
Passenger Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson, may not have been arrested, but he did make it to the front cover of the NY Post. And some more details about his drunken antics have been revealed.
An Aeroflot spokeswoman said, "There was an anonymous call saying that there was an explosive device on the plane, which was already in the air."
A year after Eyjafjallajokull volcano brought air traffic in Europe to a standstill, another volcano in Iceland has gone boom.
Photograph by NASA Goddard Photo and Video Flickrstream With volcanic ash
That crazy plume of volcanic ash from an Icelandic glacier is
Travelers to and from Europe were stranded as ash from an
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