Ice pick

The stabbing reportedly came after the victim complained that a watch he'd bought was broken.
The TSA is on the lookout for multi-purpose cane-weapons.
Police are searching for a thief who allegedly stabbed two security guards with an ice pick after robbing a children's clothing store in Queens.
A 34-year-old man was stabbed with an icepick in a homeless shelter in Greenpoint last night.
Donnell Bardon, 42, was arrested on Monday, but was released.
Donnell Barden, arrested yesterday for allegedly stabbing a dog in Prospect Park, has a long list of bizarre prior arrests.
The suspect approached him, punching him in the face and showing an ice pick before taking the victim's cell phone and cash.
The Staten Island man has been charged with killing his neighbor because he spit in his wife's face—he also is accused of stabbing a different man in the neck with a ice pick.
The man suspected of mugging six women and threatening them with
The man suspected of robbing six women—while wielding an ice pick
The man suspected of being the "Ice Pick Bandit," striking six
It's reported that the man suspected of six muggings at Co-op
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