An undersheriff for the Orange County jail called the allegations about poor conditions ‘lies,’ and said specific accusations of racism and abuse will be investigated.
The arrests come as immigration attorneys allege that ICE has “disappeared” its clients from the jail.
If the landlord succeeds in ending the lease, it would be yet another ICE facility to announce its closure in the Garden State.
The jail became a target of anti-ICE activists, who complained that detainees were given poor medical care and inedible food, and faced assaults from officers.
“All my hopes and prayers were with the changing of the administrations, that things with immigration would be more relaxed, and easy. I don’t see anything changing yet.”
Sorokin, a German national, was released from prison earlier this year, has a Netflix series based on her coming out, and is getting into NFTs.
Biden’s new executive order means immigrants who aren’t considered a danger can be released from detention. But it’s not clear everyone got the memo.
Bergen County Jail’s ICE unit, which has the highest COVID rate among NYC-area ICE detention centers, was as high as 71 percent over capacity late last year.
No more Muslim Ban. A halt on deportations. But ICE isn’t going anywhere under President Biden.
Despite fear of retaliatory transfers, the hunger strikes continue at local ICE jails.
Unaccompanied minors trying to stay in the country are now facing new pressure from the immigration courts just before Trump leaves office.
The controversial issue of Democratic counties getting paid to jail ICE detainees boiled over into skirmishes in New Jersey this weekend.
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