I am legend

Way back in 2001 it was a big deal when Vanilla Sky showed what Times Square would look like devoid of any people. Last night a network television show did it again and nobody noticed.
We're pretty screwed next year, but that's just according to Hollywood.
File under: should have seen it coming? Variety is reporting that Warner
In yet another gem from Modern Mechanix, folks from 1932 ponder
By now you've either seen Cloverfield, or decided you didn't need to
Last June Scientific American took a look at a human-less New
The last sentence uttered before all hell breaks loose is, “Forget
Silver and gold are so last season, if you're a trendsetting criminal
Two years ago Snapple flooded Union Square with a bad attempt at
Did anyone go see destructo-porn blockbuster, I Am Legend, this weekend? Apparently
It seems like just yesterday that the Brooklyn Bridge was being blown
The DC Comic Watchmen is coming to the big screen, and the
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