Hurricane sandy

De Blasio achieved success toward making New York City carbon neutral by 2050, but his administration struggled to break ground on its storm surge and sea level rise infrastructure projects.
From a 250-foot-long barge moored in Raritan Bay, workers are placing more than 1,100 stone-filled mattresses into the water. They will double as an important habitat for marine species.
The city’s waterfront is facing a critical moment, as sea levels are expected to begin rising at an accelerated rate.
The federally-funded, $336 million project, runs from Far Rockaway to Riis Beach, and is supposed to be completed in 2024.
The long-expected news was confirmed on Wednesday by an MTA spokesperson, who said that repairs will begin on the tube used by the F train starting early next year.
"Where this leaves us is literally no path forward at the federal level."
“We will be underwater financially before we are underwater physically.”
Department of Transportation officials admitted to including "junk" vehicles in their claim for FEMA aid after Hurricane Sandy.
After millions of dollars and countless hours spent fielding input from Lower East Side residents, the city now plans to abandon a long-in-the-works redesign of East River Park.
Ocean currents go viral with this human interest story.
Both the city and state have made sweeping efforts to protect NYC should it be hit by another storm of Sandy's strength. So are we ready?
All the Very Good Dogs and Cats can ride the train next time New York's threatened with a devastating flood.
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