Hurricane relief

If you want to help out Puerto Rico after it was devastated by hurricanes, you can donate money to online fundraisers and goods at a couple of donation drives locally.
New York politicians and lawmakers are blasting the 67 Representatives who voted no on the bill.
The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a $9.7 billion Sandy bill to pay flood insurance claims today.
It's been 66 days since Hurricane Sandy hit and there's still no aid package. Ten days after Hurricane Katrina hit, Congress had passed $60 billion in aid.
The Republican leadership of the House has screwed over Sandy victims.
Though the Senate just passed a $60.4 billion Hurricane Sandy relief bill, storm victims probably won't see much money from the feds anytime soon.
The bill was put together by Senate Democrats after a request from President Obama earlier this month. And unsurprisingly, it was met with considerable opposition, particularly from Republican congressmen.
Mayor Bloomberg wants $9.8 billion from Washington to make up for Hurricane Sandy.
From volunteering at a one of the organizations to hosting a family around your own Thanksgiving table, there are lots of ways to help Hurricane Sandy victims feel the holiday spirit.
The city will open seven "Restoration Centers" to help New Yorkers recover from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy.
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