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New York City battened down the hatches, waiting for a storm of Biblical proportions that, luckily, never came.

A year after Hurricane Irene didn't quite hit New York City we still probably aren't doing enough to prepare for a Waterworld future in which the seas keep rising.

One year ago this weekend, NYC battened down the hatches, shut down the MTA, prepped their "Go Bag" and declared a "state of emergency" as Hurricane Irene bared down on the East Coast.

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How did How I Met Your Mother get Hurricane Irene all wrong?

Watch this heartbreaking video from Food.Curated.

The MTA's Irene bill come to $110 million, and almost have of that is going to fix the severely damaged Part Jarvis line.

New York, Irene isn't coming back, take the tape down.

Sure, it didn't hit NYC as hard as it could have—but that doesn't mean the state escaped scot-free.