The state will use federal disaster money to fund its Blue Acres program, offering homeowners market-rate prices for their properties so they can relocate.
Henri sent 4.45 inches of rain to Central Park in New York on Saturday night.
Parts of the region may experience tropical storm conditions including New York City.
Portions of Suffolk County and coastal Connecticut are currently under a Hurricane Watch — the first time in nearly a decade that such an alert has been issued in the area.
The maps haven't been updated since 2007, and flood risk is rising in communities battered by Superstorm Sandy, exacerbated by new building development.
Ocean currents deep in the Atlantic are losing momentum. It means more heat is getting trapped along the East Coast.
As Hurricane Dorian heads northeast, New York City officials announced that beaches will be closed on Friday and Saturday.
Hurricane Dorian will mostly spare NYC its wrath, but we still have *shudders* gusty winds to look forward to.
The rain projected to envelop New York City this week actually comes from a separate weather system.
Meteorologists say it's too early to speculate, but it's never too early to start worrying.
"Nate is going to be racing northeastward," according to AccuWeather meteorologist Eric Leister.
With the country's water and power grids essentially destroyed, Puerto Rico's population faces an unthinkably bleak future as the territory's governor pleads to Congress for help.
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