Hundreds of families in the O’Dwyer Gardens have been calling for the city to restore cooking gas since construction broke ground on NYCHA’s Resilience and Recovery project in February.
The food pantry has served thousands of residents at its Queens hub since opening in the early days of the pandemic.
Local nonprofits worry that federal assistance isn’t keeping pace with rising food prices — caused by a mix of global forces such as climate change and the war in Ukraine.
The end of the program will affect thousands of older adults, a group especially vulnerable to the coronavirus.
Food policy experts and advocates want more than just lentils and bodega berries from the new mayor.
“We've seen people coming from everywhere. They're coming from many, many zip codes.”
While some families have used their stimulus checks to cover costs, others are racking up credit card debt and borrowing money from friends.
"I felt vulnerable. I felt embarrassed. And I felt ‘I can survive this.’"
One in five New Yorkers—an astounding 1.4 million of the total population of 8.3 million—currently rely on food banks and pantries to sustain themselves every day
Congress has continued to cut food benefits, leaving millions of New Yorkers hungry.
There are those crimes that induce shivers across our whole city, and then there are the crimes which...are not that.
An interesting charity getting a pilot program ready asks diners to pay full price for half-portions—with the extra money going to feed the hungry.
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