The recall affects almost all of the company's products, excluding Sabra Organic Hummus, Sabra Salsa, Sabra Guacamole, and Sabra Greek Yogurt Dips.
Tickets for December's dinners go on sale tomorrow at $45 for five courses, service included.
The restaurant began in Philly, where it's become a wildly popular place for house-made hummus, pita and Israeli salads.
Chickpea ingestion should not result in diarrhea.
We're typically skeptical of so-called "diet" foods but guys, this hummus seriously rocks.
Gather your legume-loving friends for the fifth annual Craig Murphey Fellowship party at Public Assembly next week.
After more than two decades in Queens, during which it became
Chick peas are political: Princeton University students are voting on a
With the Salute to Israel Day Parade occurring today (5th Avenue
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