Humans of new york

Uplifting content we need.
"Prediction from a grown-up: Your future is going to be amazing."
Humans of New York has helped raised over $1.2 million for a Brownsville school.
Uh, did it get dusty in here?
Originally, Humans of New York thought $100,000 could be raised.
Money raised will go allow students to visit Harvard as well as fund summer programs.
The holidays are all well and good until your flight gets cancelled or your Metro-North train bursts into flames and you're stuck spending the holidays alone, a grown-ass orphan marooned in your own living room.
Opponents to the NYPL renovation have been sending thousand of letters to de Blasio urging him to reconsider the plan—and those opponents got a big boost from a Humans of New York post this week.
Brandon Stanton says his website's audience has "stepped up to raise the $75K shortfall between DKNY's $25K donation and the full $100K requested."
Photo by Brandon Stanton Yesterday we made note of photographer Brandon
Photo by Brandon Stanton This ____ing every ____ in New York
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