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The bill would prohibit the controversial practice unless it were deemed medically necessary.

Let's delve further into this terrifying Frankenmeat to discover the truth behind the oddly-compelling pale pink dish sponge meat patty.

The Humane Society of the U.S. has sent us a report on the farm where the baby tigers (currently on display as part of an art project) come from.

The HSUS investigates puppy mills, many of which are filling up New York's pet shops.

The Humane Society has filed a formal complaint against McDonald's pork supplier Smithfield Foods, alleging that their animals are forced into hellish conditions. Is this really a surprise?

Three leopards, two monkeys and a bear remain at the Columbus Zoo, because they may have a "dangerous contagious or infectious disease."

Sunday is the 10th Annual Feral Cat day, and The Humane Society is offering a limited number of free scholarship to New Yorkers who want to become certified feral cat caretakers.

The family that cockfights together goes to jail together?