Human resources

Shine was a righthand man of ousted Fox chairman Roger Ailes, and a producer of Sean Hannity's show earlier in his career.
Even when statisticians control for occupation, experience, and education, women are paid less than men.
"Why are all black men women-beaters?" the now-former director of accounting allegedly asked one worker.
The head of the Hackensack charter school said he learned about the accusations in the Sunday paper.
Fleming's colleagues told her that the noose, which had been hanging for several days, was tied by a white employee, who was "instructed not to tie a knot like that again."
Former mayor Rudy Giuliani is in Florida today, skipping the Iowa
There are some things needed while reporting for jury duty. Reading material,
Today is Columbus Day, which means that your employer is probably not
In the weeks after 9/11, when Operation Infinite Justice (later re-branded
Every Sunday Gothamist opens up and lets our friends and readers express
Huh. After the NY Times reported the Mayor's plans to pursue a
Ah, the halcyon days of being able to justify clothing purches under
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