That moment has now been preserved for future generations in a beautiful piece of street art... in Melbourne, Australia.
She should have just gone for the hand-hug.
"It's nice to see we bring some smiles to people on the streets, especially now with this heavy political energy all over our country."
21-year-old Jermaine Himmelstein was cuffed on assault charges after a woman allegedly denied him a hug.
The visit to Staten Island yesterday exposed one of Bloomberg's major flaws: he's really not very cuddly.
As everyone knows, hugging is the gateway drug to necking. And yet, many were outraged by the no-hugging announcement: “They’ve hugged forever since they were babies and now they’re being told they can’t do it."
Leroy Biles, who insisted on hugging his students twice a day at A. Phllip Randolph High in Manhattan, was given a reprimand and told to stop the behavior.
We always imagined that being married to a five-octave range diva must be difficult— but could it really be such a loveless life that one might seek the comfort of total strangers en masse?
Paladino and Caputo at last Sunday's meeting with Orthodox Jews Carl
Judah Friedlander hugs it out We live in a strange new
Improv Everywhere's Rob Lathan recently walked the streets of Williamsburg in search
Photo via Ben5000's Flickr With a name like Hugs one would
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