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A Staten Island principal has been outed as a plagiarist after ripping off a nearly 500 word letter from the Huffington Post and distributing it under his own name.

A Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting was just awarded to the Associated Press journalists who broke the series of damning reporting on the NYPD's surveillance of Muslims across the Northeast.

Chaos reigned this afternoon when hackers took over the Huffington Post's Twitter feed, sending out a series of racist, homophobic, and anti-English tweets. And they seem to be fans of the New York Post.

A middle-aged Huffington Post blogger thinks the world deserves to know what really happens when you shove a vodka-soaked tampon into the darkest abyss of the female anatomy.

Minutes after Troy Davis was controversially executed last night, the Post tweeted: "Yankees clinch AL East. -In other news cop killer #TroyDavis died of lethal injection."

Betsy Perry is a marketing consultant, but her byline on the

Saturday Night Live is back! Wasting no time digging into primary

Mayor Bloomberg may deny any desire to run for president in 2008,

Saturday night viewers of NBC didn't get a new episode of Saturday