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The tragedy marks the fourth time that a person has taken their life at the troubled monument since it opened in 2019.

Visitors will no longer be able to visit Vessel alone—they have to come in groups of two or more—and they are now charging people $10 to enter at most times.

Nearly a year after Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged to remove the NYPD from street vendor enforcement, a group of pushcart owners say they're facing a new police crackdown.

Reduced capacity, staggered entries, vaccine cards, and, oh yeah, a ton of contemporary art.

The developer says that they are considering what measures might be taken to prevent future deaths.

“It’s likely that this will be the second time that the city is called on to bail out Hudson Yards because of a lack of revenue.”

It's unclear what part of the installation he jumped from.

How do city officials ensure that private developers tasked to build public spaces will create something that truly has the public interest at heart?