Hudson valley

There's a pumpkin recreation of Midtown Manhattan, electric blue jellyfish pumpkins, a Statue of (Pumpkin) Liberty, and so much more.
Mid-Orange Correctional Facility, which once counted people locked up on drug offenses among its inmates, has now become populated by cannabis companies promising to vitalize economic activity in the area.
Another storm is expected to bring two inches of rain overnight in some parts of the New York City area, days after Ida.
Every year, The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze takes over the 18th-century Van Cortlandt Manor property, out-shining any Halloween offering you'll find in the five boroughs.
The state Department of Transportation is currently in the process of altering or replacing dozens of signs pointing the way to the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge because of one missing letter.
Seven of the sharks found in the pool were alive, but three of the sharks were already dead.
And we can forget about peaches and plums altogether.
Craft brewers are putting New York's bounty as the second largest apple-producing state in the country to good use, and modern-day drinkers can enjoy the fruits of their labors.
The 70-acre property is special during all four seasons.
And here we thought everyone wanted to be associated with the Brooklyn brand.
Last week, two Norwegian journalists were arrested outside of Astor Courts, the
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