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The 1.3-million-square foot St. John’s Terminal building will anchor the tech giant's new Hudson Square campus.

The glassy complex will serve as the new corporate headquarters for Disney's subsidiary ABC.

The tech giant will take over two, possibly three, buildings in the area known as Hudson Square (basically west Soho).

The sánguches are very good, but Peruvian specialties like the platter of beef hearts is where the kitchen really shines.

Disney will build a 1 million-square foot complex on the entire block from Varick to Hudson and between Spring and Vandam.

Houseman is a destination splurge with the air of an inviting neighborhood spot, and one of my favorite new restaurants of 2015.

They've also added a food menu of seafarer and landlubber grub, making it more of a casual bar than boots-and-pants watering hole.

Looks like Lady Gaga is looking for a fancy zip code.