Hudson river park

Park-goers will soon have access to a lush and dazzling green space, intersected by winding pathways and weathered steel arches that towers above the Hudson River in concrete pods.
Please enjoy this tiny seahorse found in the Hudson River.
The 5.5 acre park at Little West 12th Street will come with a sports field, a salt marsh, a dog run, and yes, "a sandy beach area with kayak access on the south side."
The move of the 250,000-square foot tow pound from Pier 76 has been underway for more than two decades.
"We're gonna try a new approach," Mayor de Blasio said. "We're going to try it a few places where we've had particular problems. It's something we can apply to more and more places if it works."
Half of the Hell's Kitchen pier would be dedicated to open space.
A bill to allow for new development on Pier 40 is waiting for Cuomo's signature.
So far, 13 out of 31 park tenants have agreed to switch to environmentally friendly alternatives.
Unlike those at Wall Street and East 34th Street, the heliport at West 30th Street is located within the boundaries of a public park — Hudson River Park — and which operates in close proximity to a heavily used bike and pedestrian path along the river.
A massive development is slated to go up on Washington Street where a three-story warehouse currently sits by the water.
The never-ending legal battle over Pier 55 continues.
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