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A new report details federal spending on hurricane recovery 10 years after Hurricane Sandy hit the New York City metro area.

"Even in an administration marked by a callous disregard for ethics laws, Lynne Patton stood out."

A 2019 proposal to ban all undocumented immigrants from public housing quietly died.

Federal housing officials announced on Friday the appointment of a private investigator and former Manhattan prosecutor for the role of overseeing the New York City Housing Authority.

Lynne Patton was touring the Frederick Douglass Houses earlier this morning when the building's elevator got stuck.

Local officials accused the Trump-appointed housing official of taking reality TV-style approach to the ongoing problems at the nation's largest public housing authority.

'We all have a stake in this, not just the 400,000 people who live in NYCHA housing.'

'This case is about the disastrous human toll resulting from a complete bureaucratic breakdown of the largest public housing agency in the United States.'

Despite appearing to reconsider the decision, former Trump event planner Lynne Patton will be placed in charge of the New York and New Jersey HUD region.

Lynne Patton, who oversaw celebrity golf tournaments for the Trump family, has been put in charge of federal housing programs in New York and New Jersey.