"If you're poor or out of work and you can't even pay your rent right now, how are you going to be able to afford the cost of burying a loved one?"
But the police officers who helped instigate the disturbing incident won't ever face discipline.
According to the suit, the young mother's brutal encounter is part of a larger pattern of abuse that New Yorkers often encounter while attempting to navigate the city's social services department.
A sergeant for the city's Department of Homeless Services is facing charges of excessive force and filing a false police report.
Jazmine Headley is calling for reforms to the New York City Human Resources Administration.
A 'strenuous review' conducted by the Internal Affairs Bureau found no wrongdoing on the part of the cops.
A Brooklyn Supreme Court judge called video of the arrest a 'horrific scene that was broadcast all over the United States.'
Advocates and some elected officials are demanding Jazmine Headley's immediate release.
HRA identified seventeen apartments in Newark, NJ this week.
A combination of lax state oversight and rent law loopholes mean landlords could have a field day.
The city set up the volunteer project, before the tragedy.
According to the Mayor's office, administrative reshuffling will save the city $38 million in combined administrative services.
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