There were nearly 3,000 fewer Department of Housing Preservation and Development violations between 2018 and 2019—a drop of 1 percent—according to the Legal Aid Society.
The announcement comes less than one week before the City Council is scheduled to hold an oversight hearing on the city's enforcement of lead laws.
The statement comes shortly after Mayor de Blasio said city officials were planning to have "some serious conversations" with Blackstone over an agreement it signed four years ago with the city to keep roughly half of the apartments at the sprawling complex affordable.
The city’s housing preservation and development agency last week said it was 'conducting a thorough review' of a 2015 deal that provided Stuy Town's owner with $220 million in subsidies in exchange for keeping 5,000 of the roughly 11,200 units affordable.
Fair housing advocates have long argued that the city's affordable housing process puts an unfair burden on lower-income applicants, who often struggle to pass credit history checks administered by landlords.
Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation, a nonprofit affordable housing developer, has over the years built hundreds of low- and moderate-income housing units in Brooklyn.
Over 400 designers from 36 countries submitted their ideas for the competition.
The trouble began last year when she began to notice her children, all under the age of five, with a white powder around their mouths.
In addition to being a cause of blight, abandoned lots have also been blamed for posing public health risks, including contributing to feelings of depression and anxiety.
Mayor Bill de Blasio's housing agency is facing allegations of "unlawful and devastating" discrimination against domestic violence survivors.
But it's still a drop in the bucket.
The building in East Flatbush has a long history of neglect and sketchy construction.
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