Howard wolfson

Several days after the NYC Marathon was finally cancelled, generators, heaters, food and water were still sitting unused in Central Park. Finally, the city's Deputy Mayor personally delivered the stuff to Staten Island.
“When science tells us that smoking does not cause lung cancer or that obesity is not driving an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, we will stop depicting those facts in ads."
Mayor Bloomberg's right hand man is leaving his job at City
Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg rubbing his eye during Senate testimony last
Basking in the spotlight today, Mayor Bloomberg said he has "no
Campaign consultant Howard Wolfson once called Mayor Bloomberg "out of touch,"
The 2009 campaign season may have left us with the distinct
Having caught his breath after one of the most prolonged primary campaigns
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama march into tonight's Ohio debate with their
In an echo of its 2006 article about her Senate re-election campaign
Photograph of Bill, Chelsea, and Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night by
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