Howard beach

A juror accused other jurors of claiming knowledge about DNA evidence in order to hasten a verdict.
Chanel Lewis's sentencing has been postponed pending a hearing on a motion concerning juror misconduct.
The juror didn't understand why, when the jury wanted to see the videotaped confession, technical problems prevented them for doing so.
This was the second trial; the first ended in a hung jury.
'After deliberating for the entire day we are split. It doesn’t seem like we can make progress. We feel that we have exhausted all of our options.'
Chanel Lewis's videotaped confessions are at times confusing, contradictory, and seemingly demonstrate no knowledge of the case that couldn’t have been gleaned by Lewis from news reports about the murder
'He strangled her. He strangled her until she was dead.'
The suspect's lawyer said, "We caution everyone - including the media - not to rush to immediate judgment."
The victim's mother said, "He's a demon, he can burn in hell."
Outside the house, bricks and parts of the foundation were scattered throughout the driveway.
The image was taken hours before her body was found.
The missing jogger, whose name has not been released, had been dealing with a knee injury for the last couple weeks.
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