How i met your mother

We got a six minutes to chat with NPH before he made a special Sleep No More appearance.
Four bars in Manhattan inspired How I Met Your Mother's local watering hole... but only one remains open today.
Last night "the mother" on How I Met Your Mother was finally revealed... but turns out it was more about the journey than the destination.
Critics say a Chinese sitcom called "Ipartment" has been ripping off U.S. sitcoms like Friends.
The fictional professor Ted Mosby has been rated by his students at Columbia.
How did How I Met Your Mother get Hurricane Irene all wrong?
Is New York the intellectual and cultural hub of the planet, or
Have you noticed any Britney Spears stickers on the subway or sidewalk
Last week there were rumblings of the writers' strike coming to an
How I Met Your Mother: Season Two More and more people seem
Oxford Collapse make music that sounds made to play over a
Having enjoyed the first season, we've been watching How I Met Your
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