Their new "bubble people" campaign is aimed at hoverboards.
As of this week, the federal government has declared all hoverboards unsafe.
Show time's over, hoverboarders.
One NJ hospital received 14 patients on Christmas Day, all injured while using the motorized scooters.
The push to legalize hoverboards in NYC continues.
Hoverboards, again with the hoverboards.
Hoverboards: If they're not violently throwing riders into the hardwood floors of their suburban homes, they're spontaneously combusting while charging. What a great gift!
Amazon is the latest to ban hoverboards.
Senator Jose Peralta has introduced a bill to make hoverboards legal in NYC.
When illicit hoverboard deals go terribly wrong.
Councilman Andy King's proposal would ban hoverboards from streets, but allow them on sidewalks.
Here's your explainer on why hoverboards are illegal in NYC.
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