Houston street

The 600-seat theater opened in 1917.
The pedestrian was in the crosswalk.
A man shot a security guard at a federal building on Varick Street in lower Manhattan, before shooting himself.
Other local businesses aren't so lucky.
An elderly woman was fatally struck by a van on Houston Street on Friday
The Bowery Wall's new piece should be complete sometime later today.
Nothing like some fresh art after a storm.
Be afraid, be very afraid.
Apparently the designation hasn't stopped the owner's plans to scrap the gas station: he's hired architect Rich Cook to design a smaller glass office complex with retail on the ground floor.
Brooklyn business owners aren't the only one saying city construction is killing their business. Yonah Schimmel, at 101 years old arguably the oldest knishery in America, says long-planned work on Houston Street is ruining them.
Al Pacino's daughter was arrested for DWI earlier this morning, allegedly telling the cops, "Yes I was drinking. I had about three beers and I smoked weed at home. That was a few hours ago."
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