Housing vouchers

A widely supported program for helping homeless New Yorkers and people facing imminent eviction was not included in the state budget. Supporters speculate that it was not approved out of unfounded concerns that costs would spiral out of control.
State lawmakers are expected to decide by midnight tonight whether to spend $250 million to create a rent assistance program backed by both landlords and tenant advocates, but opposed by fiscal conservatives.
The New York City Council voted last year to expand the city’s housing voucher system for New Yorkers experiencing homeless. But advocates, landlords, and voucher recipients say bureaucratic mishaps in the program are keeping people stuck in shelters longer than necessary.
Last year, the City Council passed legislation raising the city’s rental-assistance program to more closely match market rates. But housing advocates say a new rule issued by the city is preventing people from getting apartments.
Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill that will increase the amount of a rental subsidy available from a state-funded program meant to help those facing homelessness.
Erickson Jinaut had city housing vouchers and a full-time job as a security guard and it still took him two years to get out of the city's homeless shelter system.
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