Housing market

Two stories in today's Times are for Rich People's Monocles Only, and make that whole "bartenders make a house party sophisticated" trend seem tackier than forgetting coasters on your Gulfstream.
Ordering fast food without having to make eye contact with another human being? Yeah, there's an app for that.
The number of real estate sales in Manhattan is up over
Photograph of the Plaza Hotel, now converted to luxury condos, by
Photograph of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Jr., left, and Federal Housing
It's not just property values that are collapsing in New York; a
Has the Super-real estate market finally encountered economic kryptonite? Manhattan's housing market
The Independent Budget Office of the City of New York released a
Prefab housing isn't just for the..."thrifty" anymore! Yesterday Wired featured a
Sure, there are worries about the credit market and subprime mortgage situation,
A Westchester couple were charged with promoting prostitution from their home. And
After a week in which the stock market reeled wildly due
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