Housing discrimination

"Many neighborhoods are as racially segregated today as they were in the middle of the 20th century," the president said.
Tenants facing housing discrimination for paying rent with a voucher have a new reprieve.
Source of income discrimination is widespread and endemic in low-income communities where people who are often homeless, disabled and marginalized don’t realize it’s illegal and don’t report it.
'It revolves around race and class.'
A Brooklyn landlord is being sued for housing discrimination, after allegedly describing one of his Midwood properties as a 'Jewish building,' and refusing for years to rent it out to black tenants.
The group required that members be "of German extraction" until last year, and the state says that discriminatory rules remained in place.
Private landlords will have to prove that renting or selling to an applicant is a legitimate safety risk.
Cuomo will deploy a group of fair housing "testers," acting as potential renters, to root out biased, law-breaking landlords and sellers.
"Old Man Trump knows/just how much/racial hate/he stirred up..."
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