Housing crisis

Housing advocates argue that Mayor Eric Adams plans to spend $22 billion over the next decade to preserve and build affordable housing in New York City falls far short of what he promised last year during his mayoral campaign.
Still pretty damn high though!
The city must aggressively begin opening hotel rooms for our clients, and they must do it now.
"It's baffling to us since the governor has come out and said he's committed to this."
In the East Village, there is one commercial Airbnb listing for every five available apartments, according to a recent analysis.
State legislators calculated $2 million in unpaid buildings fines.
"It is so outrageous and such a violation of the spirit of this."
The number of overcrowded studio apartments jumped 185% in eight years.
Also, lead paint that purportedly poisoned a five-year-old.
"We live in a for-profit system where some people are going to be able to afford housing, and most won't. Shame on the system!"
But you know what's cooler than a MILLION dollars? A BILL- you know what, never mind.
"If you remember a few years ago, Williamsburg was a mess. It was like an industrial lot, and now it's the hipster haven."
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