House of representatives

If finalized, the maps could lead to high-profile primaries among veteran lawmakers.
Torres was two when the House member he's replacing was elected.
"As we continue to count every ballot and are on track to dramatically narrow the gap by tens of thousands of votes to a 4-5 point margin, it is now clear that we will fall short of 50.1%."
A new $3 trillion stimulus bill introduced this week by Democrats in the House of Representatives could mean that Cuomo may get his way on cutting Medicaid.
'The fact that the President made a political request to a foreign leader of a troubled country with the intention for it to impact an American rival is beyond disappointing. It is unconstitutional.'
Democrats are one seat shy of a majority in the State Senate, and could recoup the House of Representatives.
The bill would also jail abortion providers for up to 5 years, or impose steep fines on them, should they violate the ban.
Congressional Republicans had their big tantrum last night; here's how it affects NYC.
More than 1 in 7 Americans are enrolled in SNAP, and in New York City alone the program feeds nearly 1.8 million people.
Currently, federal laws still leave users and medical marijuana business vulnerable to prosecution in states where the drug has been legalized.
New York politicians and lawmakers are blasting the 67 Representatives who voted no on the bill.
The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a $9.7 billion Sandy bill to pay flood insurance claims today.
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