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The Hotel Chelsea. A brick behemoth, a bohemian enclave, an anchor for the otherwise unmoored, and now a backdrop for a classic New York City housing battle.

Stanley Bard, the man who made the iconic Hotel Chelsea what it was, has died at 82.

The doc features Warhol, Nico, and Burroughs, amongst others.

Like a scene out of every New Yorker's worst nightmare, a visually impaired visitor from Washington, D.C. is suing the Doughnut Plant outpost in Hotel Chelsea after he fell down a sidewalk elevator shaft, resulting in a pinky amputation.

The Carrie Diaries is trying to recreate The Hotel Chelsea's 1980s vibe, and failing.

What is going ON at the Hotel Chelsea? Now it's not only new management vs. tenants, but tenants vs. tenants, as the hotel is slowly gutted of its character.

A heartbreaking look back at our visit with Stanley Bard at the Hotel Chelsea in 2007, when the most beloved landlord in NYC was getting ousted, and things we're about to change at the hotel.

Current owner of the Hotel Chelsea may be fighting to bring a rooftop bar to the landmark.

Patti Smith cancelled her concert at the Hotel Chelsea last night, but residents tell us she's aligned with the people trying to evict them. Also: her former room hasn't been gutted like the others!