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The hotel lobby burger speakeasy had been closed since the start of the pandemic.

For the hospitality industry, the return of international visitors is vital to its survival.

The Legal Aid Society says the city is rushing to move thousands of homeless New Yorkers from hotels back into shelters and in the process violating its legal obligations to those who are disabled.

The city estimates that 36.4 million people will visit NYC this year.

The new owner is reportedly toying with a plan to lure visitors to the building's interiors by adding a hotel.

Fine. If we couldn't move this thing to Manhattan to, say, replace Port Authority, or perhaps figure out how to turn it into some sort of portal to another era, then a hotel, fine.

The Hotel Chelsea. A brick behemoth, a bohemian enclave, an anchor for the otherwise unmoored, and now a backdrop for a classic New York City housing battle.

The room costs around $500/night, which used to get your about a year of drinking your liver rotten in the bar.

A Manhattan hotel guest was choked in a terrifying assault Monday night after she opened her door to a man she believed was a delivery person.