Hot chocolate

And $1 cereal milk white hot chocolate, if it's too cold out there for you.
And free hot chocolate, too.
Here are a few mugs and cups of molten chocolate we're looking forward to clutching this season.
If we're slogging through six more weeks of winter then we're going to need this.
But... should you?
They're also launching a coffee and cocoa cart that operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays an hour before the bakery opens.
Just one more reason to get your hot chocolate from Jacques Torres... science says the drink tastes better in an orange cup.
Delta Airlines wants to bribe you with free sweets.
Sledding in Central Park during February's snowicane by on Flickr
Photograph by CircularRuins on Flickr Thanks to the snowicane, the Department
Photograph of a sledding day in March by ranjit on Flickr
Courtesy Scoreboard Gourmet Did you know that a 16 ounce cup
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