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NYC is under heat advisory from 11 a.m. on Tuesday until 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

We're talking in the mid-90s, but with a real feel of melting in place.

It will feel close to 100 degrees with humidity.

It's not the REAL unofficial start of summer until the humidity hits.

Temperatures are expected to hit in the mid-90s Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and the heat index is expected to be above 100.

Four of these 10 record-holding hot Julys have occurred since 2010, indicating that the Earth's atmosphere continues to warm at an alarming rate.

It's allegedly "cooling down" this week, if 80-degree weather strikes you as "cool."

"It's dirty. The smell and the heat make it a lot worse. ...If we're waiting for a while, it gets us angry and impatient."

'Buildings, infrastructure, streets...the concrete, cement...they're all absorbing the heat and making it warmer.'

It may not feel like it right now, but a sizzling heat wave will soon be on our doorstep.