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Death laughs at your ceaseless quest for longevity.

Apparently times have been troubled for everyone's favorite family fun and entertainment center, and they've agreed to a $950 million buyout.

Sorry, intestines! The snack you probably didn't miss will be making a comeback in July.

You can stop hoarding your snacks now.

We no longer need to fear a cold, dark future that exists without Twinkies, but the company has begun to suss out who's buying what once the big dog goes under for good.

Ding Dong showed up on "Saturday Night Live" last night to complain to Seth Meyers about being in the shadow of the Twinkie. At least he has his rap career to fall back on

And the sad final days of Hostess as we know it continue. Well, sad unless you are one of the 19 senior executives who are going to get a collective $1.9 million in bonuses.

The mediation was unsuccessful and now Hostess' brands will end up on the auction block.

If successful, the move could save 18,500 jobs.

Not only are people selling Twinkies on eBay, people are BUYING Twinkies on eBay.