A survey of 1,000 hospitals nationwide found that only about 14% were in full compliance with price transparency regulations — and none of the 12 hospitals analyzed in New York City and Long Island were among them.
One nurse described the scene as “very sad” at Jacobi hospital in the Bronx, which received 20 of the victims, nearly half of whom were children
The death toll went from 19 to 17 and from nine children to eight, but officials are still investigating.
Adams says he’s getting the hospital staffing crisis under control. Health care workers say it’s not as simple as hiring temporary staff.
As part of our ongoing Grading de Blasio series, WNYC/Gothamist asked a panel of local health experts to look at how the mayor managed the calamity and what he leaves behind as New York City preps for future surges.
New York City's public hospital system is the only provider in compliance.
Northwell sued 2,500 patients in 2020, according to a NY Times analysis.
Total spare bed capacity has increased from about 17% to 23%, and spare ICU capacity has increased from 17% to 21%.
“It will be a damn shame if what we didn’t learn coming out of this horror was to change the way we do business.”
The plan is an ambitious undertaking, one that will try to transform within days what the governor himself has described as a sprawling and "balkanized" system.
"If in 1940, we could completely restructure the entire country to make weapons to fight in a war, then we could have the ability to restructure a couple factories to double or triple their N95 production."
As of Tuesday, at least two major hospital networks have said they would no longer allow any visitors, including partners, to accompany women in labor.
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