The breastaurant opens its second Manhattan outpost next month.
Rex Ryan loves Hooters and Mark Sanchez more than anything else.
Because nothing says, "I love you, Mom," like a complimentary Chicken Strip Cheese served by a a lady of Orange Pride.
Due to either a franchise disagreement or massive boob fatigue among New Yorkers, soon only the Midtown breastaurant will be serving patrons those delicious, delicious wings in New York.
Daily Show correspondents might see Hooters as a place "where everyone was always welcome," but apparently that wasn't the case for one man, who is suing a Queens Hooters for discrimination.
"This is not a place where kids become amoral if they see a piece of leg," says real estate broker Joe Vitacco, who may be a little confused about what attracts people to Hooters.
But one Yelper says of the Midtown Hooters, "You want hot wings, hot food, hot waitresses. Why are you here then?"
After going topless in front of HOOTERS, Holly Van Voast was taken by ambulance to Roosevelt Hospital for a mental evaluation, "where the doctor had no idea it was legal to be topless in NY."
Considering its apparent penchant for infidelity, is it any surprise that mammary (and wings!) mecca Hooters is reportedly "desperate" to open an outpost near Park Slope?
Canz is busting out all over—where else?—Murray Hill, with some heavy-hitting supporter backing it up.
It's a "battle of the boobs:" a new breast-centric Long Island restaurant, Canz, is taking on the nearby Hooters—but how do their wings compare?
[VITAL UPDATE BELOW] In the forthcoming Farrelly brothers comedy Hall Pass,
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