Hong kong

Health authorities in Hong Kong announced on Wednesday that a Pomeranian belonging to a woman with COVID-19 was infected with coronavirus.
The month-long ban comes after a passenger became ill with the flu during a cruise to the Caribbean.
The passions fueling the overseas demonstrations have spilled over into New York City.
Earlier in October, Daryl Morey had tweeted, "Stand with Hong Kong."
Joseph Tsai, the new owner of the Nets, is a billionaire
Hong Kong socialites are also even "better" (worse) than ours!
If you ever travel to Hong Kong, you'll soon realize that it's totally possible to travel from one destination to another without ever stepping onto a sidewalk or crossing a street.
In the aftermath of recent high profile subway shovings that left two people dead, the Daily News reports that the MTA will reconsider installing sliding doors on some subway platforms...yet again.
In Hong Kong, a "high-end" three bedroom costs $12,000/month, while an equivalent apartment in NYC would be over $8,000.
When a girl spills dry noodles on a Hong Kong subway car, it sparks tensions between mainland China and Hong Kong.
Jay Walder loves being paid about $1 million/year.
More than a year after he groped a fellow passenger while he slept, 65-year-old Ramesh Advani has been sent to federal prison for a year.
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