Buzzfeed found a 1992 column from The Stanford Daily in which Booker reflected on his own homophobia, and how he got over it.
The issue of how legitimate "gay conversion" therapy is will not going away anytime soon.
Stop what you are doing and take a moment to remember exactly where you were the moment you found out the obvious: Anderson Cooper is gay. Who is next?
And for today's report of science setting out to prove cliches true, a new study has arrived that argues that the most aggressive homophobes are probably like that because of their own latent homosexual tendencies
The founder of TOMS shoes apparently supports a right-wing, anti-gay evangelical Christian group.
Like a real-life Michael Scott, Carl Paladino must be getting used
Step right up and get your tickets for the first annual
One of the first openly gay professional wrestlers in the WWE
NY state won't allow same-sex couples to get married, but it
In sight of dangerously low levels at the city’s blood banks,
The wife of an Upper East Side hedge fund billionaire grabbed
A bill that would have granted same-sex couples the right to
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