Homer simpson

Wonder what people were doing yesterday while Reddit was down due to the SOPA protest blackout? One person was busy making a superhuman-like supercut of every D'oh from the first twenty seasons of "The Simpsons."
Having trouble getting to the forbidden donut shop? Homer Simpson can
Islero: This new Spanish restaurant (pictured) takes its name from the bull
Did your commute feel more like Springfield than New York today? If
Last night television created a new internet superstar (though we're sure they
A look at some noteworthy television this week: The War: A Ken
Giving Proper Credit to CBS 2 and Scott Weinberger Scott Weinberger's exclusive
Emergency newswires are reporting that Port Authority cops requested that the Emergency
Every child (and Homer Simpson) dreams of a land where everything
The blog Ironic Sans is going through different animated films or TV
Sometimes we get a kick out of strange criminal activities. Especially when
Well, the Post has ruined butter knives for us. There is a
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